2021 Audi Q7 in Birmingham, MI

The 2021 Audi Q7 is a luxury midsize SUV with tremendous performance, an excellent interior, and plenty of great features. It should be on your list if you are in the market for a new luxury SUV that seats up to seven people. Audi Birmingham Michigan in Southfield is here to help you learn all about the new 2021 Audi Q7. Continue reading to learn more below.

New in 2021

In 2020, the Audi Q7 went through a significant update with many added features and changes. For that reason, 2021 is a relatively quiet year. Audi added a few safety features like blind-spot monitoring and made them standard for all trims. Aside from that, the 2021 edition is the same as the 2020 Q7.


The Audi Q7 has a base engine and two possible upgrades. The base engine is a V4 with a turbocharger that is rated for 248 horsepower. The first upgrade is a V6 that hits 335 horsepower. Lastly, the final upgrade is a V8 with 500 horsepower. That's a huge amount of power even for an SUV, and the base engine is already quite strong as you commute from Detroit to Troy, MI.

Interior and Exterior

The Audi Q7 has a gorgeous design. On the exterior, it is sleek and aerodynamic, far from a big and clunky SUV. The interior is full of top-shelf materials like leather with a graceful and comfortable layout, making it easy to settle in, relax, and take advantage of all the tech and entertainment features in the vehicle. Having a full load of seven people feels much better when you understand how comfortable the SUV is, even on long trips.


There are three trims for the Audi Q7. The base trim is the Premium. It has the vast bulk of the Q7s feature list. For many buyers, the Premium is the ideal trim. However, you only need to spend a little more to get the Premium Plus. The Plus makes some upgrades like the sound system, surround cameras, and smartphone connectivity improvement. The big draw on the Plus is the option to upgrade the engine as well. There is also a package that mostly adds more upgrades for the seating. The top trim is the Prestige. Its mostly a performance trim. It comes with an engine upgrade and a series of exclusive seating and performance features.

2021 Audi Q7 FAQs

Is the Audi Q7 Expensive to Maintain?

The Audi Q7 has an average reliability rating. That means it should not be any more expensive to maintain than its peers. Make sure to take it for regular tune-ups so that you can spot any problems before they develop.

Does the Audi Q7 Hold Its Value?

As a premium, luxury SUV, the Audi Q7 has a lot that protects its value. The high quality of the materials and the advanced tech in the SUV will keep it current for years.

Does the Audi Q7 Require Premium Gas?

The Audi Q7 carries a recommendation to use premium gas. This enables optimal performance. If you use regular gas, then you won't get as much power out of the engine. You also risk some damage under heavy use.

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The Audi Q7 has reached new heights in 2021. It has everything you could ask for in a great luxury SUV. If that sounds like what you want, then schedule a test drive today at Audi Birmingham Michigan, and make sure to try out one of the upgraded engines. It's the best way to see the full potential of the Q7. Then you can decide on the best trim level for your needs, pick out any options you want, and open a discussion about financing a new 2021 Q7. If you're in Farmington Hills or Birmingham, MI, stop by Audi Birmingham Michigan to learn more today.


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