Winter is tough on your vehicle when driving around Southfield and beyond. Just as you prepare for cold weather by dressing warmly in layers of clothing, so should you also prepare your Audi model. Getting winter weather service at our Audi dealership will help prevent mishaps like breakdowns and prepare your car for driving in treacherous conditions. Our friendly and experienced technicians will ensure that all systems are working properly before you head out on Troy roads again. Here are a few services to consider:

Switch to Winter Tires

Detroit winters frequently get heavy snow and ice, making it difficult to travel at times if your vehicle isn't prepared. If you still need a set, consider outfitting your model with an Audi winter tire and wheels package. These tires have broader and deeper treads to grip the road better and give you more traction in extreme conditions. Winter tires also have different rubber compounds that allow them to stay more flexible in cold temperatures, improving safety even more. If you already have winter tires, we'll ensure they have enough tread on them and inflate them properly to give you an excellent ride and solid gas mileage.

Winterizing Your Audi Model at Our Service Center

Nothing is worse in winter than getting into your car to find that it won't start because the battery is dead. When you bring your Audi vehicle into our service center for winter maintenance, we'll check that the battery has enough cranking power so you don't become stranded somewhere in Farmington Hills or elsewhere during the coldest day of the year. If you end up in that kind of situation, it's best to be prepared with a winter safety pack. We offer a genuine Audi one that is equipped with what you need to stay safe in an emergency situation. Batteries last roughly three to four years, so checking it is especially important if yours is around that age.

Schedule Winter Service Online

Our staff will also check brakes, hoses, fluid levels, and any cabin systems like heated seats and make recommended repairs as necessary. We'll make sure your car is weatherproofed and ready for the cold season. Schedule your Audi winter service today to ensure your safety. You can conveniently arrange your appointment through our online form. Audi Birmingham Michigan looks forward to seeing you soon.

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