Having the right tires can make all the difference when you're out on the roads around Troy, MI. From stopping predictably to smooth acceleration, tires can make a huge difference when attempting to avoid an obstacle. Let Audi Birmingham Michigan help keep you safe this season and ensure your tires are up to the challenges of another Southfield area winter.

Why Tires are Important for Detroit Area Customers

Tires are your only connection to the road – and as such, they hugely influence how your vehicle behaves. Even if your brakes are in good condition, the tread on your tire allows your vehicle to grip the surface and slow down.

Tires are just as important when accelerating, too. Without adequate grip, the wheels will simply spin – preventing you from putting down all the power your Audi car or SUV has. Likewise, old or worn tires will dull the sporty handling characteristics that all Audi vehicles are tuned to deliver.

Why Tires Wear Out

These are some of the most common reasons for tires wearing out around Farmington Hills and the surrounding areas:

  • Damage, usually from road debris. Damaged tires are, in some cases, repairable – but not always.
  • Age. tires more than four or five years old are considered outdated, and you should consider replacing them.
  • Tread depth. Tires with less than 2/32nd of their original tread remaining are considered unsafe by the Department of Transportation.

While this isn't a comprehensive list, it's some of the first things we look for when you bring your vehicle to our service center. Schedule an appointment today for us to inspect your tires and keep you safe on the roads.

Winter Tires for Birmingham, MI, Customers

It's good to inspect your tires before the snow starts falling. Changing over to snow tires is a best practice that will help keep you on the road, thanks to special tread width and tire construction that makes them resistant to the cold and grip even slippery surfaces. Talk with a parts or service expert at Audi Birmingham Michigan today to learn more.

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