Over the past years, electric vehicles have grown majorly in popularity. The one thing that still holds Detroit and Farmington Hills customers back from purchasing an EV is the ability to charge your car as easily as stopping at a pump. Now, you will not have to worry about your new Audi e-tron running low while on a long trip to Troy, MI, thanks to Electrify America.

About Electrify America

Electrify America is working to implement public charging stations throughout the area. Their goal is to spread these locations from coast to coast. After they are through, you will be able to find a spot to take a break and charge your Audi along major routes. This initiative works to make owning and driving an electric vehicle a whole lot easier.

Their Offer to Audi Driver

This fantastic company has even created an offer with Audi for e-tron drivers. When you choose the impressive Audi e-tron as your next vehicle, you will get 2,000-miles of electric driving at no added cost to you. Simply stop at one of the many Electrify America charging stations and enjoy the ease of recharging your e-tron. This offer is good for up to four years after you purchase your Audi, so make sure to find your local charging station and try it out!

Charging Stations Near Birmingham MI

Some customers may not know that there are charging stations near them. So, to help out our Birmingham, MI drivers, here are the two nearest Electrify America locations.

  • Walmart - 26090 Ingersol Dr. Novi, MI 48375
  • Meijer - 30800 Little Mack Ave. Roseville, MI 48066

As you can see, these charging stations are located near shopping centers and other entertainment facilities. This makes it easy to get some errands done or decompress while your Audi e-tron is charging. So, take advantage of this excellent offer and go check out one of the impressive Electrify America locations.

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