For drivers in the Detroit area who are looking to add both style and convenience to their ride, the Audi virtual cockpit is an excellent choice. This display is fully digital and features sharp graphics and is updated 60 times every second for the highest accuracy, so drivers have all the information they need right at their fingertips.

Is Audi Virtual Cockpit Standard?

The Audi virtual cockpit is standard on some Audi models. In particular, it comes as a standard feature on the TT, most RS models, the R8, and is also standard at some Prestige trim levels, such as the Q5 and S4. The virtual cockpit is also available as an option on the A3, A4, and A5 models.

Is Audi Virtual Cockpit Worth the Money?

The Audi virtual cockpit makes navigating around Birmingham, MI simple and fun, so many Audi owners feel that it is well worth having. The 12.3-inch screen of the cockpit features crystal-clear, detailed graphics, so drivers can simply glance down to get all of the information they require. Drivers can also use the controls on the steering wheel to switch between views, so they can spend more time focusing on the road and less time looking at the dash.

These controls also help drivers select a view that suits them, so they can read the information displayed as quickly as possible. Drivers can choose a more classic dash view, percentages, square graphs, or bar diagrams in order to view their vehicle information. Drivers can also customize how they view maps, temperature, graphics, and other features.

In addition to offering driving information such as speed, safety warnings, and tachometer readings, the Audi virtual cockpit also allows drivers to easily view navigation information, time, and the outdoor temperature. The choice between a standard map view or a Google Earth view lets drivers view their destinations and get a feel for the area.

Drivers can also use the virtual cockpit to control their audio and entertainment settings or bring up their hands-free phone information. Drivers can even view their music playlists right from the main screen.

Can Audi Virtual Cockpit Be Retrofitted?

Many Audi owners who purchased vehicles without a virtual cockpit may wonder if they can retrofit those vehicles to include the cockpit. These Audi owners are in luck. The virtual cockpit can be placed in many Audi models, even if that vehicle did not originally feature the cockpit.

How do I get Google Earth on Audi Virtual Cockpit?

Google Earth can help Detroit drivers navigate with ease and activating it on the Audi virtual cockpit is a breeze. First, drivers will need to bring up the main menu on the cockpit. From there, they should select the Navigation option. Once in the navigation screen, drivers can select the Settings option. This can be done by pressing the softkey at the bottom right of the control panel. Finally, drivers can select the Map View option. Under this option, drivers should select the Google Earth option instead of the Standard option.

Learn More About Audi Virtual Cockpit at Audi Birmingham Michigan

The Audi virtual cockpit can be a fantastic, convenient tool for many drivers, and learning more about its many features can help you decide if it's a good option for your vehicle. Visit us at Audi Birmingham Michigan today to let us answer any other questions about the virtual cockpit that you might have. You can also set up a test drive in order to explore all that Audi has to offer for yourself.

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