All-wheel-drive is nothing new when it comes to the automotive industry, but when it comes to Audi, no one does it quite like them. Quattro all-wheel-drive technology made its debut all the way back in 1980 on a rally car as a way of significantly improving performance. Since then, Quattro all-wheel-drive has been the backbone of high-end Audi performance across their entire lineup.

So what makes Quattro all-wheel-drive different from the rest?

It can dynamically monitor and adjust to changing conditions, not only from the unpredictable nature of the roads but from inclement weather as well. The system intelligently distributes power to the wheel that gives the vehicle the most traction based on the data that it is collecting in real-time.

Quattro can be further augmented with available torque-vectoring technology which only furthers your sense of control on your Audi. As you turn, torque is automatically sent to your inner wheels, which optimizes traction and handling.

Meanwhile, the available sport differential does the opposite, pushing torque to the outer wheels, but the difference here is that your wheels accelerate faster for better performance.

Over the years, Audi has perfected its Quattro all-wheel-drive, custom fitting it to work with every car in its lineup. After all, SUVs have different performance requirements compared to sedans, so every version of the Quattro all-wheel-drive is unique from the rest.

You can experience Quattro all-wheel-drive for yourself on the Audi model of your choice. Explore options such as the Audi RS 3, and see what superior performance and handling can do for you.

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