Nobody likes taking their Audi in for service, but like every other manufacturer, wear and tear is part of owning a vehicle. On the flip side, everyone likes to know exactly what's coming out of their wallets before any maintenance takes place. Hence, one of the questions we always get from Birmingham MI and Detroit drivers is, "are Audi parts expensive?"

Don't Settle for Less

The reality is that by investing in a luxury brand such as Audi, you're going to need the very best when it comes to auto parts. Genuine OEM parts are the only way to go in that regard, especially if you want to keep your Audi running like it did on the day you first drove it off the lot.

Audi parts may cost more than most OEMs and aftermarket products, but the quality you get in return can't be understated. Audi-brand parts undergo rigorous factory testing and are identical to the parts that come standard in your vehicle.

Why You Shouldn't Cut Corners

It's understandable to want the best deal when it comes to auto service. After all, paying less is always better than paying more, at least on the surface. However, aftermarket parts, such as the ones you can buy from your typical auto retailers, are notorious for being substandard in quality.

Buying an Audi vehicle isn't just a lifestyle choice; it's an investment. You run the risk of damaging your luxury vehicle over the long haul as aftermarket parts fail to hold up compared to genuine OEM ones.

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