Packing your roadside emergency kit all comes down to choosing the most important tools to help you get out from being stranded. Let the Audi Birmingham team help you design a better roadside emergency kit for your Birmingham, MI adventures.

A flashlight actually serves a dual purpose. The flashlight can be used in the event you want to flag down help but can also be used to light the way as you make repairs to the car. Be sure to pack batteries too. Road flares can be used to alert drivers your car is close to the road.

Jumper cables are key for getting the car battery a jump-start. The empty gas can is a great thing to have in the car in case you run out of fuel because any motorist can get the gas for you. The bag of tools you'll need range from a hammer, pliers, screwdriver, multi-knife, scissors, to wrenches.

These tips provided by our Audi service professionals should keep you and your passengers safe in the event your vehicle is disabled.

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