Is your vehicle acting sluggish when transitioning between gears? Our Detroit area service center suggests you check your Audi's transmission fluid. It will help indicate whether this is a minor or major problem with your ride!

  • Pull out the dipstick: Use your owner's manual to locate the transmission fluid dipstick. It should be the oil dipstick. With the gearshift in neutral or park and parking brake on, let your engine run.
  • Check the fluid: Dip the tip of your index finger into the fluid on the dipstick and rub the fluid between your finger and the tip of your thumb. The transmission fluid on the dipstick should be pinkish and almost clear. If it looks or smells burnt or has particles in it, have a mechanic drain and change the fluid.
  • Wipe the dipstick with a clean, lint-free rag; then reinsert it and pull it out again: If the transmission fluid is clear but doesn’t reach the “Full” line on the dipstick, use a funnel to pour enough transmission fluid down the dipstick tube to reach the line. Do not overfill.

If you are uncomfortable performing this process, come to our service center and we'll gladly inspect it for you. Contact us at (866) 886-5987 to schedule an appointment.

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