Understanding Brake Lines and Hoses

If your car is like most vehicles, it probably weighs several thousand pounds. This is the moving weight that your braking system components must stop, and to do so, your master cylinder system can produce pressures of over 4,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) within your brake lines. With this kind of pressure, brake lines must be made as solidly as possible, and thus are usually formed from durable metals. While technicians can bend brake lines during installations, it also comes pre-bent and dedicated to specific vehicles.

Brake hoses connect brake lines to parts called wheel cylinders over the last few inches of separation. Brake hoses tend to be flexible and able to withstand the constant turning of the front tires.

As you can imagine, both kinds of brake system lines need regular inspections performed by skilled and knowledgeable professionals. As it so happens, we have just such personnel at our Audi service location that are ready and waiting to troubleshoot, repair, or maintain your braking system. Stop by our Birmingham, MI dealership today for a no-obligation chat.

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