Is it true that once you put synthetic oil in your car that you can't go back to standard oil? In a word, the answer is no. Take that as one of the common myths that float around car maintenance discussion boards and other places. Some of those myths can undermine the way you car for your car.

Probably the biggest myth of all would be motor oil must be changed every 3,000 miles, and this is uniform among all cars. Certain vehicles don't require their engine oil changed at 3,000 miles. Others do. To get an accurate figure, look at the owner's manual. Pay attention to what your car's manufacturer recommends, and don't simply go along with the advice of an off-brand service shop.

Other myths include the idea that synthetic oil causes leaks, road trip preparation always requires an oil change, and black-colored oil must always be changed. Yes, lots of myths about motor oil abound but you don't have to fall victim to poor service advice.

Vehicle owners in Birmingham, MI should check with someone "in the know" about motor oil issues. Bring your car down to Audi Birmingham, and our auto service mechanics will tell you if you need a change.

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